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Feedback & Testimonials
I had to deal with many different computer companies and was always disappointed when they were more concerned about commercial issues than technical ones. Once you've paid them, that's it. This is where I was impressed with Vengineers who not only have the right technical skills but also the right attitude towards use of computers. It is not a commodity but a tool to enhance life. And when they welcome you so well with prompt service and good manners[which is slowly disappearing in our country], what else can you ask for? Price? Well from experience I can say, " BON MARCHE COUTE CHER". At least I know I can count on them anytime for repairs and advice unlike those majic companies that literally disappear when your computer is down.
Posted By: N J
Educator, Bel Air
Bravo pour la rapidité de votre service et de la qualité de votre service après vente
Posted By: Haja Razafindrasatrana
I need an EVGA gtx 560 or 570!
Posted By: Lafleur Samuel
CG Artist, Rosehill
If someone find the prices too high, you can deal with them to revise your quotations. It works for me and i think for everyone. I'm a regular customer with that company since 1 year and i don't have any problem with them. VEngineers are great. Keep on Mr.Ali and Mr.Preet :)
Posted By: Panoramix Druide
Panoramix Druide :), 25, Panoramix Galaxy
Zot tout p dir sancer bne produit bon etc...
Mo mo truv so bne prix exagerer ek cve gne bne meilleur produits ailler.
Post mo comment... Pa met nek met bane bon comments fer dimune koi li trop bon.
Posted By: jean remy
One-Stop Shop for all your IT Needs !
Posted By: Gulshan Gunputh
"One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius", Trou d'Eau Douce
I would like to say about Vengineers , service Delivery Excellent, as long as i know , all the time i have call to vengineers and have ask for anything concerning spare parts , etc , they have always been available , a great company , keep it up
Posted By: Sournoise Hansley
Sport Organiser and Part Time Computer Repair and Maintenance , Networking System, Belle Mare , Pointe de flacq
Very good website. Highly recommend!
Posted By: Nasser Azmatally
Normally, I would not have bothered to write a testimonial; however, I have been truly impressed with your delivery service and the way my order was handled. It has been a very good first impression, and after only our first purchase from vengineers, I am definitely putting you people on top of our company's supplier list. However, I only hope that this level of service is maintained always.
Posted By: Bruno N.
System Administrator
Great website.. Trusted company with prompt delivery and great after sales service..
Posted By: Imran N

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